Multiple Reactions Galore, Volume I: Types, Use as Tool and Applications

Multiple Reactions Galore, Volume I

Kal R. Sharma

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In this day and age, the chemical process engineer strives to make products at a lower cost, with less pollution, while using a variety of raw materials. When a new product or process is found to be successful, more plants are built either by retrofit or existing similar plants, or by construction of large plants. Engineers involved in the scaling of new plants will need a solid understanding of the issues involved in multiple reactions, which can happen in a series, in parallel, and can be reversible. Computer software can be used provide detailed treatments of these reactions and readers of Multiple Reactions Galore will learn how to treat intermediate products during a complex reaction scheme.

This two-volume set discusses the engineering design issues involved when multiple reactions occur in the considered process. Design issues such as product distribution, economic analysis and profitability as well as the sensitivity of important quantities such as yield, selectivity to rate constant ratios, will be presented in detail. The author explains how to use Excel spreadsheets to seek numerical solutions when closed form analytical solutions are not possible. The author also explores the importance of by-product and by-product yield, which is often overlooked in traditional reaction engineering textbooks.

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Kal R. Sharma

Kal R. Sharma

Dr. Kal Renganathan Sharma , PE, received his BTech in chemical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India, in 1985 and MS and PhD degrees in chemical engineering from West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, in 1987 and 1990, respectively. He is the author of 13 books, 548 conference papers, 46 journal articles, 7 book chapters, 3 review articles, and 113 other presentations.