Nanotechnology in Medicine: Emerging Applications

Nanotechnology in Medicine: Emerging Applications

Eugene Koprowski

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Nanotechnology today is finding its way into myriad real applications with real benefits--not least of which is the field of medicine. This new book by noted science and technology writer Gene Koprowski introduces the reader to some of the amazing new applications in clinical medicine. In this book you will read about: * Nanobots: These robots can perform a number of functions inside the body, and out, including visualizing internal systems and building miniature structures in the body to help repair damaged heart tissue or to clean out arteries. * Cancer treatment: The small, specialized functions of some nano devices can be directed precisely at cancer cells causing almost no damage to surrounding tissue. * Drug delivery: Systems that use nanotechnology to automate drug delivery can provide medication precisely when it is needed. * Stem cells: Nanotechnology may actually help adult stem cells transform into the desired types of cells, such as neurons. * Diabetes Management: Nanotechnology is providing a way for diabetics to use contact lenses to check their blood sugar--the lenses actually change color to indicate blood sugar level. * Prenatal Care: Nanotechnology can help with prenatal diagnosis and potentially repair problems in the womb. * Individualized medicine: Nanotechnology is making medicine more personal-a major goal in bringing down the high cost of medical care--by helping to more precisely pinpoint proper treatments.

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Eugene J. "Gene" Koprowski

Eugene J. “Gene” Koprowski is an Emmy-award-nominated science, technology, and health journalist. He’s written extensively for the last 25 years for, Forbes, United Press International (UPI), The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and other leading global media. He is a contributing Editor to the Encyclopedia of Health Services Research (2009).Gene holds a master’s degree from the University of Chicago and completed his undergraduate work at Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill.