Nutrition, Health, and Disease: A Guide for Modern Living

Kaufui Vincent Wong

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A Guide to Modern Living is an essential read for everyone. Nutrition is so tightly linked to the environment, which is rapidly deteriorating from contaminants, etc., mainly due to human activity. The author’s objectives in this series of books is to help educate those who are unaware of how critical our food choices are, and how detrimental it can be to our health when we don’t eat properly—specifically the link between poor nutrition and chronic disease.

The aim is for everyone in the world to live a more healthy life via improved nutritional knowledge. This book, like the two preceding ones, explains the confusing role of nutrition in human health and diseases. It is suitable for a nutritional or an epidemiology course, as well as for anyone who desires to learn more about the nutritional and health values of food. Topics covered include hypertension, traditional salted foods, cancers, sugar consumption, Zika, and microcephaly.

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Kaufui Vincent Wong

Kaufui Vincent Wong

Dr. Kaufui V. Wong is a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at the University of Miami since 1979. His research areas are in energy and environment, nanotechnology. He has published over 200-refereed papers in journals and conferences. He authored a few textbooks on thermodynamics, one on Intermediate Heat Transfer, and one on Climate Change. He is a life Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and received the 2015 ASME Dixy Lee Ray Award, an achievement award for environmental protection.