Nutrition, Health, and Disease: A Holistic View

Kaufui Vincent Wong

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The association between nutrition and health and many diseases comes from the Chinese holistic view of the human health. This book is about the crucial and sometimes confusing role of nutrition in relation to human health and diseases.

This book, the second in a mini-series, will be suitable for a nutritional or an epidemiology course, as well as for people who wish to take back control of their nutrition and health (rather than staying surrendered to the whims of the food industry).

Guidance is often needed when seeking to make dietary improvements given the complex minefield of modern nutrition (food production and supply) and an environment that is increasingly less healthy. Topics covered include dengue fever, Alzheimer’s disease, cancers, obesity, meat consumption, sugar consumption.

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Kaufui Vincent Wong

Kaufui Vincent Wong

Dr. Kaufui V. Wong is a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at the University of Miami since 1979. His research areas are in energy and environment, nanotechnology. He has published over 200-refereed papers in journals and conferences. He authored a few textbooks on thermodynamics, one on Intermediate Heat Transfer, and one on Climate Change. He is a life Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and received the 2015 ASME Dixy Lee Ray Award, an achievement award for environmental protection.