The Physics of Degradation in Engineered Materials and Devices: Fundamentals and Principles

The Physics of Degradation in Engineered Materials and Devices: Fundamentals and

Jonathan Swingler

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Degradation is apparent in all things and is fundamental to both manufactured and natural objects. It is often described by the second law of thermodynamics, where entropy, a measure of disorder, tends to increase with time in a closed system. Things age!
The natural ageing and degradation of materials has been a subject of study by engineers and scientists for many, many years. But with the demands placed on new engineered materials and devices for electronics, computing, aerospace and biomedical applications, the reliability of such over time has become more and more crucial. This new book brings together experts and key players in the physics of ageing to present the current thinking, the latest developments in understanding, and an offering of detailed accounts of emerging issues across a wide range of engineering applications

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Jonathan Swingler

Jonathan Swingler

Dr. Jonathan Swingler received a Joint BSc (Hons) in physics and chemistry from Keele University in 1990, followed by a PhD at Loughborough University for his work on the degradation of electrical contacts. He subsequently moved to the University of Southampton where he pursued his research into the physics of degradation and reliability of electrical and electronic materials and devices.