Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting: Methods, Progress, and Challenges

Mohammad Adnan Ilyas

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Environmental pollution has been one of the main challenges for sustainable development. Piezoelectric materials can be used as a means of transforming ambient vibrations into electrical energy to power devices. The focus is on an alternative approach to scavenge energy from the environment. This book presents harvesting methodologies to evaluate the potential effectiveness of different techniques and provides an overview of the methods and challenges of harvesting energy using piezoelectric materials.

Piezoelectric energy harvesters have many applications, including sensor nodes, wireless communication, microelectromechanical systems, handheld devices, and mobile devices. The book also presents a new approach within piezoelectric energy harvesting using the impact of raindrops. The energyharvesting model presented is further analyzed for single-unit harvester and an array of multiple harvesters to maximize the efficiency of the device.

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Mohammad Adnan Ilyas

Mohammad Adnan Ilyas received a bachelor of engineering (Hon) in electrical and electronic engineering from Heriot- Watt University, UK, in 2012 followed by an MSc in renewable energy and distributed generation in 2013. Currently Adnan is pursuing his research in energy harvesting with a focus on piezoelectrical harvesters to obtain a PhD in electrical engineering at Heriot- Watt University, UK.