Plastics Technology Handbook - Volume 2: Manufacturing, Composites, Tooling, Auxiliaries

Plastics Technology Handbook, Vol. 2

Don Rosato
Marlene G. Rosato
Nick R. Schott

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This comprehensive handbook provides a simplified, practical and innovative approach to understanding the design and manufacture of plastic products. It will expand the reader's understanding of plastics technology by defining and focusing on past, current, and future technical trends. The content is presented so that both technical and nontechnical readers can understand the interrelationships of materials to processes. Different plastic products are examined and their related critical factors are shown, from meeting performance requirements in different environments, to reducing costs and targeting for zero defects. Examples used include small to large, and simple to complex shapes. Information is included on static properties (tensile, flexural), dynamic properties (creep, fatigue, impact) and physical and chemical properties. Extensive reference sources and useful data and physical and chemical constants are also provided. Volume 2 offers detailed coverage of most major plastics processing techniques, including injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, and thermoforming.

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Donald V. Rosato

Donald V. Rosato

Dr. Donald V. "Don" Rosato has extensive technical and marketing plastic industry experience from product development, through production, to marketing, having worked for Northrop Grumman, Owens-Illinois/Graham, DuPont/Conoco, Celanese/Ticona, and Borg Warner/G.E. Plastics. He has written extensively in emerging plastic material, process and end use areas, authored multiple handbooks, developed numerous polymer related patents, participates in many trade groups (SPE, SPI, PIA, CPPIA, SAMPE), and is involved in these areas with PlastiSource, Inc.