Process Control Case Histories: An Insightful and Humorous Perspective from the Control Room

Process Control Case Histories

Gregory K. McMillan

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With a dose of humor to sweeten a serious message, noted control systems author Greg McMillan offers an experienced-based guide to what can so often go wrong with the systems that measure, regulate, and control industrial processes-from pH measurements to temperature and pressure monitors to process interlock problems. Using anecdotes, dialogue and dramatized skits, the book helps make more vivid the abstract concepts of how control systems actually do-or don't-work in real industrial settings.

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Gregory K. McMillan

Gregory K. McMillan

Gregory K. McMillan is a retired senior fellow from Solutia Inc. During his 33 year career with Monsanto Company and its spin off Solutia Inc, he specialized in improving loop performance, controller tuning, valve dynamics, opportunity assessments, dynamic simulation, fermentor control, pH control, and reactor control. Greg is the author of more than 80 articles and papers and 20 funny and serious books.