Raw and Finished Materials:A Concise Guide to Properties and Applications

Raw and Finished Materials

Brian Dureu

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If you're a student or professional in metallurgy, welding, product design, or plant operations, you'll need a basic understanding and knowledge of materials. This concise guide introduces over 260 of the most commonly used materials along with their properties and uses. To save you time and effort, it concentrates on only the most commonly used metals, plastics, woods, ceramics, and composites: for example, of the nearly five hundred alloys of wrought aluminum registered to the Aluminum Association of the United States, there are only seven that are the most commonly used. The book is organized according to metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), plastics, woods, ceramics, composites, and other miscellaneous materials types. Each material will be cited with the following typical parameters--in both metric and English units: * Metals: density, melting point, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, hardness, yield strength, machinability, chemical composition * Plastics: density, color, hardness (Rockwell M), melting point, tensile strength (psi), tensile elongation at break * Wood: weight, modulus of rupture, Janka hardness, shear For rapid reference, a comprehensive index including common and trademarked names is included, as well as a variety of charts and graphs that compile and compare information to help visualize relationships between or within materials, or processes. Photographs are also used as complimentary visual aids.

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Brian Dereu

Brian Dereu is a professional consultant on materials used in manufacturing and machining, with over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and machine shop industry. He has published 19 articles for ThomasNet® on subjects ranging from extrusion screw design to powder coating, and has two projects published in for MAKE magazine.