Rotating Equipment: Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Dr. James M. Watterson

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This book has been written on the back of Dr. Watterson’s experience in working with over 20 oil re neries and petrochemical and fertilizer industries worldwide, which spans over 30 years. Every aspect of rotating equipment is explored, from turbines, both gas and steam, compressors, pumps to the use of predictive maintenance equipment.

Included in this book is an in-depth explanation of predictive maintenance techniques, such as ultrasound testing, eddy curves, visual testing techniques, such as stroboscope, liquid penetrant, and vi bration monitoring. Dr. Watterson also describes clearly the value of online condition-based monitoring of rotating equipment. The primary objective of this book is to show the way to reduce cost and frequency of planned maintenance by detection of abnormalities on equipment’s operating and preset performance parameters.

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James M. Watterson

James M. Watterson has a PhD in mechanical engineering and is currently serving as independent training consultant with JMW, United Arab Emirates, since January 2003, and as part-time senior lecturer/lead trainer–commissioning and process start-up in the oil and gas refineries with ADNOC since February 2011. He trains groups of maintenance, operations, instrumentation, and planning engineers. Previously he was managing director at JW Management and Marketing Consultancy from September 1985 to October 2000.