Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry: Applications for Depth Profiling and Surface Characterization

Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry: Applications for Depth Profiling and Surface Ch

Fred Stevie

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Secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) is a mass spectrometric technique for solid materials that can provide elemental analysis at parts per million sensitivity and lateral resolution of 50 nm. When those capabilities are combined with the ability to provide that analysis as a function of depth, SIMS has proved to be a valued technique for a wide range of applications.

This book was written to explain a technique that requires an understanding of many details in order to properly obtain and interpret the data obtained. It also will serve as a reference for those who need to provide SIMS data. The book has over 200 figures and the references allow one to trace development of SIMS and understand the many details of the technique.

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Fred Stevie

Fred Stevie

Fred A. Stevie is a senior researcher at the Analytical Instrumentation Facility in North Carolina State University (NCSU). His experience with SIMS exceeds 30 years and covers a wide range of applications. He has been an analyst in major analytical facilities in Bell Laboratories and NCSU and is familiar with the capabilities of multiple techniques. Fred has authored or coauthored books on SIMS and focused ion beams and more than 200 technical publications. He also holds 20 patents related to surface analysis.