Surface Engineering and Technology for Biomedical Implants

Yoshiki Oshida

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This new book synthesizes a wide range of interdisciplinary literature to provide the state-of-the art of biomedical implants. It discusses materials and explains the three basic requirements for implant success from a surface engineering perspective: biological compatibility, biomechanical compatibility, morphological compatibility. Biomedical, mechanical, and materials engineers will find this book indispensable for understanding proper treatment of implant surfaces in order to achieve clinical success. Highlights include: * Coverage of surface engineering of polymer, metallic, ceramic and composite implant materials; * Coverage of chemical, mechanical, physical, thermal, and combined surface modification technologies; * Explanations of interfacial reaction between vital tissue and non-vital implant surface; and * Methodologies and technologies for modification of surface layer/zone to promote the osteo-integration, the ultimate success for biomedical implants in both dental and medical practice.

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Yoshiki Oshida

Yoshiki Oshida is a Professor Emeritus at Indiana University School of Dentistry and an Adjunct Professor at University California San Francisco School of Dentistry. He received his PhD in Materials Science & Engineering, from Waseda University, Tokyo Japan. He is a Fellow of the International Academy of Shape Memory Materials for Medical Use and has served on editorial boards for the Journal of Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering and the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry. In addition to numerous conference presentations and invited lectures, he holds 10 U.S.