Transition to Success: Training Students to Lead Peer Groups in Higher Education

Melinda S. Harper and Christine L. Allegretti

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Using students as peer leaders, mentors, supporters, and sources of information for other students, especially first-year students, is an established practice among higher-education institutions. These student leaders are especially influential at creating a social community for first-year students. However, many student leaders in these important roles are not provided with the necessary training to develop, lead, and maintain a connected and cohesive peer group.

This book provides readers with a guide for selecting, training, and supervising students as leaders of a first-year student peer group, the Transition to University program. The book also includes theories and techniques specific to group dynamics and leadership skills as well as a format for a supervision course for students serving as peer leaders.

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Melinda S. Harper

Melinda S. Harper, PhD, is professor of psychology at Queens University of Charlotte. She introduced and continues to co- direct the Transition to University (T2U) program. She and her co-author, Dr. Christine Allegretti, have published a number of articles and presented empirical research about the T2U program. In addition to her teaching and research, Dr. Harper also maintains an active clinical practice as a psychologist and partner of Charlotte Psychotherapy & Consultation Group.

Christine L. Allegretti

Christine L. Allegretti, PhD, is professor of psychology at Queens University of Charlotte. Along with Dr. Melinda Harper, she introduced and continues to co-direct the Transition to University (T2U) program. Her research interests are in the areas of critical thinking, loneliness, and first-year student adjustment. In addition to teaching in the Department of Psychology, she has taught in the first-year core curriculum program, organized a first-year experience program, and served as chair of psychology and chair of social sciences at Queens.