Transportation Network Modeling and Calibration

Mansoureh Jeihani and Anam Ardeshiri

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Transportation scientists employ modeling and simulation techniques to capture the complexities of transportation systems and develop and assess solutions to alleviate existing and future transportation-related problems. This book introduces transportation engineering students and junior engineers to the concept of transportation network modeling, network coding, model calibration and validation, and model evaluation.

Travel demand models are sensitive to demographic changes and can explain and forecast how a new transportation supply system leads to a new transportation demand pattern. This book also describes how demand models evolved from trip-based to the newer generation of activity-based and agent-based to overcome some of the shortcomings of the four-step approach and improve models’ prediction power.

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Mansoureh Jeihani

Dr Mansoureh Jeihani is an associate professor in the department of Transportation and Urban Infrastructure Studies at Morgan State University. Proficient in transportation modeling and planning, and traffic safety, Dr Jeihani has two years of experience in private and governmental transportation agencies and eleven years of experience in applied research in an academic environment.

Anam Ardeshiri

Dr Anam Ardeshiri, PE, PTOE, is a traffic engineer at Sabra, Wang & Associates, Inc. in Columbia, MD. He has more than ten years of experience in private sector, public agencies, and academia. His specialty is driver’s behavior, travel demand modeling, traffic simulation, and traffic signal systems. He has a doctorate degree in transportation engineering from Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD. He earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in transportation planning from Sharif University of Tehran, Iran.