Tuning and Control Loop Performance, Fourth Edition

Gregory K. McMillan

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Tuning and Control Loop Performance, Fourth Edition provides the knowledge to eliminate the misunderstandings, realize the difference between theoretical and industrial application of PID control, address practical difficulties, improve field automation system design, use the latest PID features, and ultimately get the best tuning settings that enables the PID to achieve its full potential.

The proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller is the heart of every control system in the process industry. Given the proper setup and tuning, the PID has proven to have the capability and flexibility needed to meet nearly all of industry’s basic control requirements. However, the information to support the best use of these features has fallen behind the progress of improved functionality.

Additionally, there is considerable disagreement on the tuning rules that largely stems from a misunderstanding of how tuning rules have evolved and the lack of recognition of the effect of automation system dynamics and the incredible spectrum of process responses, disturbances, and performance objectives.

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Gregory K. McMillan

Gregory K. McMillan

Gregory K. McMillan is a retired senior fellow from Solutia Inc. During his 33 year career with Monsanto Company and its spin off Solutia Inc, he specialized in improving loop performance, controller tuning, valve dynamics, opportunity assessments, dynamic simulation, fermentor control, pH control, and reactor control. Greg is the author of more than 80 articles and papers and 20 funny and serious books.