Understanding Ultrasonic Level Measurement

Understanding Ultrasonic

Stephen Milligan
Henry Vandelinde
Michael Cavanagh

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Storing, handling, and processing of bulk solid and liquid materials is fundamental to nearly every manufacturing and processing industry, from the food industry and agribusiness, to the plastics industry, to the mining and cement industries, to coal-fired electric utilities. This new book will offer a quick and useful guide to the use of ultrasound as a way to measure the levels of these materials in a wide variety of operational environments and situations. The book will explain the history of this technology, its proper set-up and operation, and a helpful selection of useful application examples. It will also offer good guidance on ultrasound equipment and vendors.

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Stephen Milligan and Henry Vandelinde

Stephen Milligan joined Siemens in 1992, and has worked in application engineering, technical support, and product marketing. He has extensive experience in field service with applications knowledge gained from working directly with customers around the world. He is currently the Director of Product Marketing for Siemens Milltronics and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Queen's University.