Francis Hopcroft

Editor of Environmental and Engineering

Francis Hopcroft has served as Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts since January of 1994. He was principally responsible for the development of an Environmental Engineering Program at Wentworth (now no longer offered) and for the accreditation of that program through the Accrediting Board for Engineering and Technology.

Prior to starting his teaching career, Prof. Hopcroft spent nearly 25 years working in the environmental consulting and regulatory fields. He is registered as a professional engineer in six states and is a Licensed Site Professional in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He worked for the Federal EPA, the former Metropolitan District Commission in Boston, the Northeast Solid Waste Committee and several environmental consulting firms before joining the faculty at Wentworth. He is active in the Water Environment Federation, the New England Water Environment Association and the American Society for Engineering Education.

Prof. Hopcroft is the principle author of a text on the management of hazardous waste on construction sites, a contributing author on two additional texts, and a peer reviewer of several others. He holds two US Patents, including one on a unique wastewater treatment system. He has authored numerous technical papers on various civil and environmental engineering subjects that have been presented at technical conferences and appeared in the Proceedings of those conferences.