Momentum Press Ebooks: Easy to Buy, Easy to Own, Easy to Use

Momentum Press offers digital content for faculty, researchers and students seeking top-quality engineering, health, and life science resources. With perpetual access for a one-time payment, no restrictions on usage, free MARC records, no license to execute, and an archiving arrangement to provide peace-of-mind, Momentum Press makes ebooks easy to buy, own, and use.

Praise for the Momentum Press Engineering Digital Libraries…

"Momentum Press provides scientists and engineers with new ways to explore and think ahead about important advances in mechanical engineering, materials science and related areas of science and engineering. By eliminating restrictions on downloading and concurrent usage, ensuring perpetual access for a one-time fee rather than a subscription, and using SERU instead of complex licenses, it was easy for us to pull together a system-wide arrangement in a very short time. We are eager to promote access to our campus communities." -- Julia Gelfand (Applied Sciences and Engineering Librarian), University of California/Irvine

MP Welcomes The Best Medical Professionals Writing Books for The Life Science & Allied Health Collection!

Momentum Press has received lots of praise from their books in Psychology, Health Education, Practice Management, Nutrition and Dietetics Practice, Biology, and Human Diseases and Conditions. Written by medical professionals from around the globe, the 2017 Life & Allied Health Digital Library is the best of these books.

Our Digital Libraries

Cost-effective alternatives to high-priced textbooks written by teaching faculty to serve as course readings and reference materials, offering material not found in introductory-level textbooks or high-priced journals and databases.


Want just a collection of titles based on the courses your school offers? "Just" Civil, Mechanical, or Environmental Engineering? Check out our topical collections flier to learn more about our collections and pricing.

Contact katie [dot] fuller [at] businessexpertpress [dot] com (Katie Fuller) for the United States, and tristan [at] publishpro [dot] co [dot] uk (Tristan Barter ) for UK and Europe, today for more information


  • Unlimited simultaneous use
  • Download PDFs to personal devices
  • Upload PDFs to learning management systems
  • Automatic citations, with copy/paste functions
  • Free MARC records, including OCLC numbers
  • DOIs, abstracts, and keywords for every book
  • Governed by SERU -- no license required
  • Archived on CLOCKSS